WookTrap V3.0 Hat Pin Silver & Watermelon

WookTrap V3.0 Hat Pin Silver & Watermelon

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Limited edition [100] enamel pin. 

So you want to catch a trophy wook, huh?
Well, we here at CBGTWH want to give you the best possible chance.
Our recommendation, pick up one of our headiest firemost hat pins for camouflage. Use it to bait and lure that trophy wook in close enough for an epic to bag and tag.



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Release Date: 30/07/2017

Material: enamel on polished nickel

Dimensions: 1.325" custom shape

Attachment: double 8mm posts with rubber clutch

Numbering: Limited qty 100 - Sequential laser etched number on back

Design: Hannah Beal Artist / Derek Y. Barnes Designer

Bulk pricing : Not Available